Amazing Nature


By Ellie Duncombe

This has to be one of the world’s coolest climbing routes – a frozen waterfall in the French Alps.

The dramatic ice spikes spilling over the sheer rock face provide a perfect challenge for experienced climbers.

Pierre Chauffour/Caters News – Baptiste Obino climbs the frozen shards of the waterfall in the Ecrins National Park, France.

The routes, known as Les Charmes du Laos and FMR, are both 80 metres high and are two of the more dramatic spots in the Ecrins National Park, France.

Ice climbers Pierre Chauffour and Baptiste Obino documented their efforts with photos and a helmet-mounted, 360 video.

Pierre Chauffour/Caters News

Pierre said: “We climbed up this beautiful frozen waterfall.

“This winter has been very cold and dry, and the lack of snow makes ice climbing fantastic as it isn’t completely covered up.

“We weren’t actually able to check whether it was climbable before we got there, but luckily it was even better than we expected.

Pierre Chauffour/Caters News

Pierre Chauffour/Caters News

“A cold winter is hard on most people, but it’s perfect for ice climbers. The day we climbed it was five degrees, and we consider that quite hot.

“Since we went up there, it has rained a lot and been quite warm, so it’s possible we will be the only people to climb those lines this year.”