Video Viral

By David Aspinall

A family of cheeky ibexes tried to climb in through car windows.

John Farley and his family were driving through Parc Omega in Quebec, Canada, on March 15 when they were greeted by the inquisitive animals.

In search of food, the Alpine ibexes spotted the windows of the family car open and saw an opportunity for some fast food.

At first one goat clambers up to the driver’s window, perched precariously on the car door and poking its head through the open space.

Suddenly, from the opposite side another ibex puts its hooves on the door while the family scream nervously and try to put the windows back up.

John said: “We laughed so much it hurt.

“The park is a drive through and feed the animals style, with the exception of the bears and wolves.

“We mistakenly stopped to feed them when a young Ibex got curious and hopped up on the hood.

“Everyone brings carrots to feed the animals so i guess this was hungry.

“We were surrounded by approximately a dozen or so.

“My daughter Madison was screaming in the back seat while Karen, my wife, filmed.

“It took a few minutes to get him off because he kept sticking his head in the window or his foot was on the glass not allowing me to roll it up.”