Video Viral

By Joseph McFarlane

A woman tested out how durable luxury and bargain mascaras were by pepper spraying her OWN EYES.

Most makeup review videos are tame, but Brandi Upton decided to step the stakes up when testing out ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara from Too Faced – £17 per tube ($22) – and a cheaper alternative from Wet n Wild called ‘Mega Volume’.

Aiming directly at the bridge of her nose, the YouTuber sprays the defence mechanism into her eyes which are made up with the two different eye makeups, immediately causing a painful reaction.

After leaving the effects to kick in for 15 minutes, Brandi returns barely able to open her eyes and shows that the more expensive mascara has run more, leaving a slight ring of black on her eyelids.

Just five minutes later, the cheaper mascara has stayed put, with the more luxury brand streaming down her cheek and off her chin.

Brandi, from Frankfort, Kentucky, said: “After

“First of all, do not try this at home.

“I wouldn’t do this to myself for fun.

“I used to work in law enforcement so had to be sprayed to get used to it, but it still hurts.”