Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

World Record Holding Unicyclist Shows Off Incredible Skills Including Jumping Over One Metre Tall Platform

Mike Taylor, from Boston, Lincs, is a skilful unicycle rider capable of stunning feats He can jump over a one metre high wooden bench and ramps with impressive ease.

The 25-year-old says he has gotten into the niche sport eleven years ago, when as a BMX rider he started looking into circus skills.

Despite a full-time gardening job, Mike has held the world records for jumping onto a platform and over bars, standing at 152cm and 142cm respectively for many years.

Mike said: “When I started doing some circus, I discovered unicycling.

“I wanted to combine unicycling with BMX and so I became an urban unicyclist.

“Unicycling is a small sport that is slowly growing, it involves a lot of technical skill and time to master the techniques.

“The unicycle culture definitely has its own attractive style and the people you meet within it are some of the greatest humans I’ve met.”