By Kristiana Hall

This hilarious photo shows the moment a baby orangutan decided to give a photographer the middle finger.

Taken by photographer, Tazi Brown, the photos show baby orangutan Suria feeding from her mother Lea’s nipple before she swears at the camera.

The picture was taken in Zoo Krefeld in Germany.

Tazi Brown/@ByTazi/Caters

Tazi said: “I was hoping to capture Suria drinking milk from her mum but her hand was in front of her mouth.

“She seemed to be putting her mum’s nipple in her mouth with her middle finger. Instead of the adorable drinking photo I hoped for, I got ‘the finger’. I just couldn’t stop laughing.

PIC FROM Tazi Brown/@ByTazi/Cater

“I saw Borneo orangutan baby Suria for the first time when she was just 11 days old. She stole my heart and six months later I was back in Zoo Krefeld to see her again and it was amazing.

“Suria and her mother Lea are truly magnificent animals. Even though they live in captivity, they show natural behaviour. I love observing that. It is really heartwarming to see.”