Amazing Video

By Jack Williams

This breathtaking footage shows how a determined skier finally completed a life goal by becoming the first person to ski down EUROPE’S LARGEST VERTICAL ROCK FACE.

Known as the “Troll Wall,” in Norway, the route is around 5,500 feet tall and with an average incline of 55 to 60 degrees.


Kilian Jornet, 31, spent a staggering two years preparing himself for the ascent and descent, which, as seen on headcam footage, pushed the sportsman to the limit.

The in video, Kilian had to face the likes of sliding powdered snow and even huge sheets of ice as he headed slowly stepped down the seemingly vertical rock face.

For perspective, the first winter ascent of the Fiva route in Norway’s Romsdalen Valley, which Kilian took, was in 1972 and took three days.

Doing this on skis, however, was much more difficult for Kilian, who had to wait for the conditions to be as close to perfect as possible before heading up the mountain and back down again.

He said: “Before the day I attempted it, I spent hours studying the line, examining and waiting for the optimum conditions.

“Meanwhile, I’ve been training on skis my whole life, so I kept skiing in order to feel ready.


“In steep skiing, the conditions aren’t ever perfect, so I realised that I had to try it no matter what.

“It was a very interesting yet demanding experience.

“The upper section is perhaps the most complicated, as they are probably the most vertical 200 meters that I have ever skied.

“Following that, there was quite a narrow couloir of 400 meters and then 100 meters of more skiable sections, which were very icy and steep in parts.

“It’s a very exposed route where you have to fully concentrate.


“I was very focused on what I was doing, but obviously making sure I didn’t fall!”

The attempt took place on February 27, 2018, but the footage of the challenge was only recently released.

Kilian is renowned for attempting such extreme challenges on the slopes – earlier this year he set the 24-hour uphill ski record.

And yet, despite the difficulties involved in these challenges, the skier continues to state that the main goal for him is to simply have fun.

Kilian said: “You need to prepare yourself well for any challenge you set for yourself.


“You need to be patient and wait for the perfect day, the one day that you feel ready and there’s good conditions.

“And, most importantly, have fun!”