Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A little black dog caused havoc on a freeway by giving concerned drivers the run around.

Ruben Cueva was driving down freeway 10 in Ontario, California, on March 17 when traffic started to move slowly.

Spotting a small pooch – believed to be a black mixed terrier – motorists around Ruben desperately try to herd the dog off to the side of the road to stop it.

Even jumping out of their vehicles seems to have no effect as the tiny canine weaves its way around would-be rescuers before jumping into the opposite lane.

Ruben said: “The chase carried on for about 10 minutes in total.

“I would say around 10 people ended up helping try to catch the dog.

“Pretty much everyone on the freeway stopped and waited for the dog to be caught.”

Local reports suggest that the dog has been reunited with its owner.