Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

A passionate musician has mastered the skill of played two cellos simultaneously in order to create beautiful music.

The next time you hear someone say men cannot multi-task, take out your cello bow and point them in the direction of the amazingly skilled Rushad Eggleston.

The 31 year cello veteran from Carmel Valley, California, USA, has mastered the ability to play not one, but of the instruments simultaneously.

Rushad strikes both the wooden and carbon fibre cellos with his bow with each single motion, while skilfully switching back and forth between both instrument’s neck’s with speed and grace.

Even though Rushad has been a long-time fan of the cello, this didn’t change the fact that playing two at the same time was incredibly difficult.

Rushad said: “It was hard. “It would have been easier if I was just playing like a normal cellist, but instead I used the rhythmical ricochet technique I invented called ‘the bounce’, which gives you 2 or more notes for the price of one.

“It’s very different playing two cellos because the bow is skipping across two different pairs of strings that are pretty far apart.”

But he managed to master the two cello hurdle and created a musical masterpiece that he himself is very proud of.

Rushad said: “I felt very relieved and triumphant afterwards.

 “The three main things that will set you apart from the crowd are originality, time and listening to death metal.”