By Mikey Jones

These stunning shots capture safari animals as you’ve never seen them before – reflected in water under a starry night sky.

In Andreas Hemb’s dramatic images, a cute elephant is caught standing next to the lake, a thirsty leopard stops to take a drink and two water buffaloes gaze upon their reflections.


The 43-year-old, from Stockholm, Sweden, snapped the photos during several trips to the Zimanga Game Reserve in Kwazula-Natal, South Africa.

He entered a hide in the afternoon and spent the whole night and next morning waiting for the creatures to arrive at the watering hole to shoot the picturesque images.

Andreas, who arranges African photo safaris through his company Moments of Magic, said: “To meet and photograph African animals during the night is a magical experience.

“All other senses get enhanced in the dark and you really feel the magic of the African night.


“The star shots were taken from a hide – I entered the hide in the afternoon and spend the whole night and morning waiting to see what will come to visit.

“The hide is in front of a small water hole which the animals know always contain water.”

Andreas said he used a fixed light from the side of the hide to ensure the water’s edge was lit up for his shots.

PIC BY Andreas Hemb / CATERS NEWS 

And a multiple exposure technique helped him capture both the animals and the starry sky in the same shot.

He added: “Nightly encounters under the African sky is really something that have to be experienced to understand.”