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blind dog

BY Luke Kenton 

This is the adorable moment a previously blind and stray Cocker Spaniel sees her owners for the very first time thanks to some much-needed surgery.  

Vlogging on the way to the veterinary clinic, owner Holly Emmerson expresses excitement and anxiety while preparing to witness her beloved pooch, Olive, see her in the flesh for the very first time.

After three years of relative darkness, emerging from the vets wide-eyed and excited, the patched-up pooch bounds towards Holly and husband Bart, transfixed on their faces as her tail wags behind her gleefully.

Jumping up for a better look of her owners, the enhanced hound can’t get enough of her newly found vision, with her attention quickly shifting from her much loved owners to the roaring traffic outside, which leaves the canine stunned to the spot.

Holly, from Palma de Mallorca, Spain, said: “It was such an incredible moment to witness, seeing her that alert and looking us in the eyes.

“The second she came around the corner, Bart and I were both crying, it was such an emotional moment for us all.

“She was definitely overwhelmed to see the world for the first time, when we took her home she just stared out the window for ages, taking in all these new sights.”

Rescued after roaming the streets of LA alone and unable to see, the jet-black cocker spaniel was diagnosed with a severe cataract in both eyes, rendering her virtually blind and requiring immediate surgery.

Costing over $5,000, Holly and Bart liaised with the team at West Coast Cocker Rescue (WCCR), who found Olive, to help the to raise the required funds for medical bills.

Holly said: “Thanks to a lot of help from family, friends and the WCCR, we were able to raise the required amount for Olive’s surgery.

“We’ve now launched our own YouTube channel, Holly and Bart, documenting our lives as a trio.

“Olive is an amazing example that no obstacle should get in your way of enjoying life, and we hope her story can inspire people to view life the same way.”