By Jamie Smith

These two feisty pelicans were captured at the exact moment one bird strangled the other.

Ashwin Kadiyala, 41, was visiting a small lake in Uppalapadu village, Andhra Pradesh, India, earlier this year to take some shots of nature in action.

Pic by Ashwin Kadiyala/Caters News

The lake is a known nesting place for spot billed and grey pelicans and sales professional Ashwin was watching the birds as they collected nesting material when the dramatic fight broke out.

He said: “The pictures depict the fight between two pelicans over the nesting material.

“One pelican was trying to drown other so it could take the stick for its nest.

Pic by Ashwin Kadiyala/Caters News

“My favourite capture is the picture where one pelican is holding the neck of another – this depicts the great action at close quarters.

“I witnessed something unique from a very close distance and saw the struggle these birds face while collecting nesting material.”