Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

A five-year-old girl surfs the snow like a pro.

Vasilisa Ermakova may look like most girls her age, but none of her peers hit the slopes quite like her.

Little Vasilisa, from Moscow, Russia, flips, spins and grinds with skill and precision far beyond her years.

Hitting the snow at the KANT sports club, Vasilisa gets some major air that would scare most adults, lands some big jumps and boards down the crisp white powder with confidence.

The little prodigy’s love for snowboarding came at an incredibly early age as Vasilisa’s Mother, Natalya Ermakova, said: “When I see Vasilisa boarding, I am very proud of her.

“She started snowboarding when she was four.

My husband and I snowboard and Vasilisa also wanted to ride.”

 Even before Vasilisa’s fifth birthday she was making avalanches in the world of winter sports.

Natalya said: “Vasilisa managed to get into Russia’s book of records with a jump on a springboard with a 540 degree turn.

 “Vasilisa wants to get to X games.”