Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

Weirdly satisfying footage shows a podiatrist bringing a grim horn nail back to life.

Marion Yau – known as the Foot Fixer – used nail clippers, a water spray drill and a lot of patience to attack the gnarly, yellow toenail on her patient’s foot.

Working away on the thick nail – caused by a condition called onychogryphosis – she managed to reduce the length of the offending appendage by almost 90%.

Marion said: “When the nail grows at a faster rate than other nails it thickens and curls.

“This makes the nail look like a claw or a horn.

“It can be caused by trauma, fungal nail infection, psoriasis, PVD or neglect

“It is more common in older people, so for this to be on a younger gentleman is very rare.

“The patient was very happy with the treatment as the nail look better than before.”