Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A playful pair of kittens slipped and slid their ways across a frozen pool as they chased each other.

 You may have heard of a cat on a hot tin roof, but how about kittens on a cold frozen pool?

The five-month-old brothers, Beast, black, and Scout, black and white, seem to get a good grip of the ice at first but it doesn’t take long for the frantic felines to start slide across the ice.

The hilarious sight of the kittens tumbling their way around the makeshift ice rink was captured by owner, Megan Huffman, in Northeast Oklahoma.

Megan said: “It had been below freezing for several days.

“The cats usually drink off of the top step of the pool but couldn’t because it was frozen solid. 

“So, they decided to play.”

The longer the kittens attempt to skilfully skate across the ice, the more frantic they become as they begin to flip and tumble.

The playful duo bound, prance and barge their way into each other while doing their best to keep their balance.

Megan said: “They love to play and stalk each other.

“I’d been watching them for about an hour when I decided I wanted to share it with my family.”