Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

Exhilarating POV footage shows a brave wingsuit pilot leaping head first down a steep mountain face.

Taking flight from Tete Aux Chamois, a summit of Les Diablerets massif in Switzerland, Daniel Ristow leapt from the mountain top heading face first to the rocky floor below.

Dramatically pulling up at the last minute, Daniel soars through the air, dodging and weaving the sharp rocks, until he is free to swoop over the treetops.

Daniel, from Los Gatos, California, has been an avid pilot ever since he was legally allowed to jump. 

Daniel said: “On this flight, I maxed out at 133 miles per hour.

“I have been skydiving since I was 16 and base jumping and flying wingsuits since I was 18.

“As of now I have had 469 flights and 565 jumps.

Flying has always been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid.”

With a gorgeous Swiss Mountain range backdrop, Daniel releases his chute in order to fall safely back down to earth.

Daniel said: “It’s the best feeling there is.  

“Total freedom so your mind loses track of everything else in life and all you’re focused on is flying down the mountain.  

“There is nothing else like it.  It really is something you have to do for yourself to understand.”