Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

A desperate family had to call 911 after their pet tortoise and dog got stuck together inside a tunnel.

Tracy Arballo, from Fontana, California, called emergency services when her husband Don attempted to rescue pet dog Taylor and tortoise Godzilla from a tunnel in the garden – and got stuck too.

Fortunately for Don, he managed to free himself before firefighters arrived on the scene on February 20.

The men then used lettuce as bait to attract 36-kilos Godzilla out of the hole so that Taylor could slip out from behind him.

Tracy said: “I assume that Taylor was playing with one of her toys and I think it went down Godzilla’s hole.

“We got lettuce to entice Godzilla to come out and as soon as there was enough room Taylor freed herself and came out of the hole!

“She wasn’t hurt at all, she was just very excited to be out of the hole and happy to see all the people who were there.”