Video Viral

By David Aspinall

A cheeky toddler tied herself in knots trying to explain how another kid’s toy ended up in her bag.

When daughter Adelyn came home to Cortlandt Manor, New York, from school, dad Kevin Payne noticed she was carrying an extra toy she hadn’t left with.

Grilling his four-year-old on how it came to be in her bag, she explains how her name had actually been written on its foot and the teacher had placed it in her backpack.

Asking Adelyn to show him on the doll, she quickly says the marking must have been washed off and changes her story up.

Kevin said: “While I never want my children to lie, I was somewhat impressed with not only her attention to detail but her quick answers to my questions. 

“It is pretty evident that, while she might be creative and quick with her answers, she has many ‘tells’ when she is not being honest.  

“When we went to school the following day she apologised and returned the toy and vowed to leave her life of petty theft behind.”