Life Video

By Joe McFarlane

A pair of 85-year-old identical twins celebrated their birthday with a trick filled game of beer pong. 

Some people say you’re only as old as you feel and Clair and Charlie DiRienzo rolled back the years as they teamed up for the drinking game usually reserved for teenagers and students.

As a friendly tournament broke out during their 85th birthday celebrations in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, Clair, wearing a red jumper, throw a shot behind his back which landed in one of the red cups.

Michael Murphy, of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, who is great nephew and grandson of Clair and Charlie respectively, knew that the twins were no strangers to the beloved college game.

Michael said: “The whole family erupted in cheers.“Everyone was surprised Clair hit the cup. 

“Clair was joking that he wasn’t going to make the shot because of his bad back.

“My grandpa and his twin brother have played once before at their 80th birthday. 

“They have no idea what they are doing but are having fun while doing it.”

The twins may have had no clue what they were doing, but that didn’t stop them from putting on an amazing performance and storming through the competition.

Michael said: “They made it to the final 4 in our family bracket.

“They are surprisingly good hitting multiple shots that are normally difficult.”

Clair may have taken the simple game of beer pong to whole new heights of skill, but it was identical twin Charlie that sealed the deal.

With one cool, calm and collected shot, Charlie sunk the ball into the cup, giving him and his brother a well-earned victory.

Michael said: “They ended up winning the game with my grandpa’s closing shot, and the one after that.”

And it doesn’t seem like the beloved family tradition of a beer pong tournament is going anywhere any time soon.

Michael said: “We do this only when the whole family is together which is hard when many of us live across the U.S. and Canada.

“We all hope we are lucky enough to see both Clair and Charlie play Beer Pong at their 90th Birthday and beyond.”