Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto

A drone has captured incredible footage of a house still standing despite being in the path of multiple tornadoes.

On March 4, Matt Gillespie flew his drone over the town of Ellersie, Georgia, and spotted the two-story house – which looked perfectly intact despited standing in the middle of a ravaged stretch of forest.

PIC FROM Matt Gillespie / Caters News

The trees surrounding the home were uprooted, suggesting the tornado had passed right over the house but left it miraculously intact – and incredibly Matt said the residents of the house were left unharmed.

The powerful weather events have recently swept southern parts of the United States.

Matt said: “The residents of the house are ok.

PIC FROM Matt Gillespie / Caters News

“I don’t know how many houses in total were messed up, but on that road there were at least eight that were affected.

“My parents experienced the tornadoes – my dad is in the military and he said he’d never been that scared in his life.”