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By Federico Cornetto

An incredible 11-year-old crochet whizz has become an unlikely online sensation showing off his incredible skills.

Jonah Larson, from La Crosse, Wisconsin, is so good at crocheting that – in only a month – he’s received over 4000 orders from all around the world.

PIC FROM Caters News

Videos of Jonah’s hooks moving at a mesmerising speed have captured attention on social media, with him garnering more than 150,000 followers. 

However, the talented kid says he doesn’t do it for the fame.

Jonah said: “I don’t crochet for the fame or the TV shows.

“I do it because it is a very calming activity that helps me relax.

PIC FROM Caters News

“It also unites everyone around the world.”

Jonah discovered his passion at the age of five by watching a YouTube tutorial which he says he remembers ‘very vividly’.

Since then, he has cultivated his skills by practicing crochet every day, from two to five hours a day.

Jonah said: “I always can find something new to do, the next challenge. 

“My goal now is to design items, crochet on TV shows and teach other people how to crochet.”

PIC FROM Caters News

According to Jonah’s mum, Jennifer Larson, it was when a local Wisconsin newspaper did a piece on her son’s crocheting skills earlier this year, that things soon started to escalate.

Jennifer said: “At the moment, Jonah does two to three interviews at day, with newspapers, radios and TV stations.

“He enjoys talking to all these people and share his passion and doesn’t get nervous at all.

“In the last month, he has received over 4000 orders from people all over the world, of which he was able to take up 100.”

PIC FROM Caters News

Jonah has revealed that, while crochet will always remain an important part of his life, his dream is to become a surgeon.

Jonah said: “I think my hand dexterity can help me become a great surgeon.

“I will always crochet on the side but would be nice to also help people that way.”