By Jamie Smith

A pair of brave scuba divers have been EATEN by a vicious pack of sea lions – or so it would seem.

The hilarious shots were captured by ocean photographer Marc Damant off the coast of Canada’s Vancouver Island in Norris Rocks.

Pic by Marc Damant/Caters News 

The images show the sea lions dancing around Marc and his wife during a dive – with the cheeky mammals appearing perilously close to gobbling the pair up in certain photos.

Marc said: “Sea lions are naturally very curious and will start arriving at the boat hundreds of yards away from their haul out.

“When divers enter the water they swarm us like a rugby scrum to see what we are, what we are doing and to play with us.

Pic by Marc Damant/Caters News

“This is the reason we call them the puppies of the sea as they are always up for a playful romp with their sea lion mates but also with their human friends.”

Marc said in order to take the photos he had to get right among the sea lions.

He added: “I love to show nature in my photography but rarely do I feel that I am part of the action.

Pic by Marc Damant/Caters News

“In the case of the sea lion shoots you are in the thick of things and it can be a handful to keep equipment in place and lighting and settings proper with sea lions pulling and chewing on everything.

“But this is our fifth year doing it and it gets better every year with a feeling of love that we feel for these magnificent and playful creatures.

“It’s something that I think everyone should think about trying.”