Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

This professional podiatrist has revealed the extreme lengths she has to take to combat her patients’ disgustingly dry feet.

Foot fixer Marion Yau, based in Harley Street in London, had her work cut out for her with one extremely bad case of deep cracked heel fissures.

In disgusting footage, she takes a sharp scalpel blade to hack away at the stubborn scaly skin and calluses on the man’s foot.

With each scrape of the blade, Marion wore down a little more of the tough skin – eventually managing to make the foot look normal and healthy again.

She said: “This gentlemen had a particular bad case of heel fissure – one of the worst I’ve seen.

“Deep heel fissures are caused by a build-up of calluses, dry skin and tears.

“The cracks can become deeper as the heel is a weight bearing area and supports the entire body.“If the tears are deep enough, they can become painful and deep wounds may form which can get infected.”

While the process may look gross and painful, Marion said her patient was thrilled with the results.

She added: “The patient was impressed that I had taken off so much off the callus.

“The fissure almost looked like it was all gone.”