Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A cheeky six-month-old girl watched over her dad’s shoulder as he scrolled through his phone.

As Brian McClement, 30, lay on the sofa at home in Kilmarnock on March 7, he is completely unaware of his darling daughter, Eilidh, having a sneak peek at what he’s looking at.

Eager Eilidh stretches her neck over her father’s shoulder in order to make sure she can have a good look at what her dad is up to.

Mum Iona was shocked to see her baby girl so interested and fears for Eilidh’s future boyfriends.

Iona said: “She’s never spied before, but she was so subtle maybe we’ve never noticed.

“I thought it was hilarious because it’s definitely something I’ve done in the past when Brian is sitting on his phone. 

“It looks like she’s watched me do it previously.”

Ultimately, Mum and Dad weren’t too concerned by Eilidh’s undercover skills.

Iona said: “We sat there laughing.

“Eilidh was just very puzzled as to what all the fuss was about.

“She may very well have a career as a detective. My husband didn’t even notice her spying until I brought attention to it.”