Amazing Video

By Jamie Smith

A skydiver has used her friend as a human surfboard while 15,000ft above the Egyptian pyramids.

French photographer, Ewan Cowie, took the images of the pair last month while attending the Skydiving World Championships in Egypt.

Pic by @ewan_cowie_photography/Caters News Agency

Karine Joly can be seen using Greg Crozier as a surfboard as they free fall over the spectacular views. 

Ewan – who travels all over the world photographing extreme sports and took these images from being in a plane – said: “Karine and Greg are a skydiving team and watching them both was absolutely incredible.

Pic by @ewan_cowie_photography/Caters News Agency

A once in a lifetime experience I hope I will one day repeat.

“My favourite shot is the one of them where they look like they’re surfing together.

“They were free falling for 60 seconds and then landing right next to the pyramids.”

Pic by @ewan_cowie_photography/Caters News Agency

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