Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

A trusting acrobat dangles from her partner’s mouth as he grips on to her hair with his teeth.

For most people, when they’re invited to ‘hang out’, they’re probably expecting to watch a movie, but for acrobatic duo, AcroWP, that isn’t on their minds. 

Instead, Welyton Rene Bispo da Silva, 28, and Patricia Kostecki Santos, 27, head to the Circus National School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to practise some painful looking tricks.

As Welyton hangs from the ceiling, he holds Patricia using nothing but the strength of his teeth, as the pair spin around in the air.

Aspiring circus performer Welyton said: “We’ve been practising these moves for about a year.

“It hurts, but we have to practice every day to get used to the pain.

“This is known as the Millennial Circense Technique – dental force and hair hanging.”