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By Federico Cornetto

A four-year-old amputee was delighted to receive a new bionic arm which will allow him to grab and hold objects.Giulio Spaziani, from Pomezia, Italy, was born in April 2015 with an underdeveloped right arm which ends just after the elbow.

The young boy is now becoming more and more independent thanks also to a bionic arm with a hand that can be moved through electrical signals.

Pic by Caters News

In a video shot on February 22, Giulio breaks out in happiness as he tries out his new limb at the ITOP SpA Officine Ortopediche, a clinic in Palestrina, Italy, excitedly asking orthopaedic technician Daniele Zenardi ‘can I keep it’.

Giulio’s mother, Samuela Sarda, said: “For many this could look like a simple mechanical movement, but for someone who doesn’t have a hand, this is a miracle.”

This is the first time Giulio wears a robotic arm which can be activated and moved, even though he’s been wearing prosthetics since he was just a few months old.

Pic by Caters News

Samuela said: “When Giulio was younger, he had a fake arm which he couldn’t do anything with.

“Early on we decided to call the arm ‘Energy’, a name that his brother Leonardo picked after a cartoon he had watched.

“It just felt nicer than telling him to go get his prosthetic arm.

“The name stuck and now even doctors at the clinic call it ‘Energy’.”

Pic by Caters News

According to Samuela, the ultrasound scan during pregnancy did not detect the deformity, so that when Giulio was born it was a massive shock for her and dad Massimo.

Samuela said: “When these things happen you either let them get to you and live unhappily, or you stand up and fight and life becomes even more beautiful than before.

“When Giulio was born, his brother Leonardo was home waiting for us, and that’s what gave us the strength to get back and start fighting to make Giulio’s life a normal and happy one.”