By Catherine Reid

A restaurant in Dubai suspends hungry customers 50 metres above the ground while they eat.

Pic from Caters News

The Dinner in the Sky restaurant overlooks Dubai’s marina and provides awe-inspiring views while you chomp on your food.

The unique eatery can sit 22 diners at a time and you can even swivel 360 degrees in your chair if you dare.

Sittings are 55 minutes each and a small team of staff serve up your food while you’re admiring the view.

The restaurant is suspended using cranes and guests are fastened into bucket seats, while staff are strapped to harnesses.

Pic from Caters News

The Belgian-based experience has also visited Rome, Athens and Cape Town, hosting over 5,000 experiences.

But it’s not cheap, with Friday or Saturday night dinner setting you back £175 (799 AED).

The cheapest sitting is mid-week between 4pm and 7pm, costing £109 (499 AED).

Guests are welcome for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea – as well as an exquisite three course dinner of beetroot salad, chicken, sea bass or beef for main and salted caramel cake for dessert.

Ehab Karas, who lives in Dubai, said it was an ‘insane experience’.

Pic from Caters News

The 28-year-old said: “At first I was a bit terrified.

“I invited my fiancé, Anna Gizewski, to this unusual lunch hanging by a crane, but we both enjoyed ourselves.

“The view and food were amazing, and the friendly staff just made it.”

The sales manager added: “We were served a three course meal of Bocconicini salad as a starter, then I had beef short ribs which was phenomenal.

“My fiancé had sea bass which she loved and finally we had a chocolate cake dessert.

“It’s absolutely worth it and a must if you’re in Dubai.

“It’s an insane experience with delicious food.”

Mahmoud Barake, Events Manager at Dinner in the Sky, said: “The restaurant was originally launched in 2006 in Belgium, then it went worldwide.

Pic from Caters News

“We launched it in Dubai in January 2017 and anyone can book through our website.

“It’s great because it offers a fabulous view of the marina.”