Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A kitten who couldn’t use his legs due to spinal damage is now playing with his cat friends after undergoing a miracle recovery.

In June 2018 Deidre Waller, from Gnadenhutten, Ohio, found Odin in her yard, malnourished and infested with fleas, and soon realised the kitten had serious problems using his back legs.

Despite the predictions of vets, who said Odin would never be able to walk again, Deidre decided not to give up on him and made him exercise his back paws daily. 

Thanks to his owner’s determination, Odin is now a healthy one-year-old cat and loves jumping around and playing with his two brothers, Milo and Snowflake.

Deidre said: “I would put Odin on his back and work his legs, move them like he was peddling a bicycle, I would stand him up and try to get his legs strong.

“After a few days of doing this I noticed he was moving his legs just a little bit, I thought I was seeing things. 

“The next few days he continued to move them more, then he stood up and started to walk. 

“It was only for a few steps at a time but he was walking, we could not believe what we were seeing.”