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By Charlotte Nisbet 

A grandmother has jetted to Marbella for one day after conquering her almost 60 year flight phobia thanks to a hypnotist.  

Bridgette Barrett, 59, had never boarded a plane in her entire life until Tuesday, March 5, after a three hour session with The Hypnotist Man, Robert Hisee. 

The grandmother-of-two spent years being petrified of flying and had missed out on dozens of family holidays with her children and husband, Steve, 61. 

But after being hypnotised two weeks before, Bridgette couldn’t wait to catch a flight from Gatwick Airport to Malaga Airport for a day in Spain and she is now planning even more adventures. 

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Bridgette, a part time cleaner from Paddock Wood, Kent, said: “I was terrified of flying and my phobia had left me with no choice but to only enjoy holidays in the UK. 

“I was desperate to enjoy holidays abroad and decided to try and get help for my phobia before my 60th birthday. 

“I found Robert Hisee online and after just one three hour session whereby he used hypnotism to help conquer my fears, I felt ready to go on a plane for the first time. 

“He then turned to me and said ‘I have a surprise, we’re going to Marbella today.’ 

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“I was so excited and then when we landed in Malaga airport I was surprised again as I was greeted by my daughter, Emma Graham, 42, and her daughter, Molly, 14. 

“We enjoyed a few cocktails in Marbella before heading home the in the afternoon, it was just a little taster holiday. 

“It’s crazy because the flights didn’t faze me at all, in fact I loved it. 

“Robert is amazing and has changed my life completely.”

Bridgette has spent the past 50 years being terrified of flying but thanks to Robert she feels more confident than ever. 

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She added: “It has made my marriage stronger as Steve has been desperate to go abroad for years and no he knows we can. 

“We’ve already been looking for holidays and I’ve got lots of making up to do as my family have missed out for so many years. 

“My twin sons, Ronnie and Robert, both 23, can’t wait for us all to enjoy family time abroad. 

“I would recommend Robert to everyone, he’s a miracle worker, I never imagined I’d cure my phobia and actually be able to go overseas.”

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The Hypnotist Man, Robert Hisee said: “When I first spoke to Brigette about flying I could see on her face so she was petrified even when I mentioned it. 

“Bridget had never flown on a plane but her phobia was created through her imagination. 

“I used a form of hypnotism to target the unconscious mind so allow Bridgette to let go of her fears. 

“Using my own unconscious mind therapy I cured her worries in three hours and she was excited to board a flight. 

“It was amazing to take her to Spain for the day, to see someone take there first ever flight was amazing as I love what I do and making peoples life’s better.”

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