Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane 

A talented skateboarder doubled the fun and difficulty by using two skateboards simultaneously in order to perform amazing tricks. 

Even at the young age of 15, Isamu Yamamoto of Otsu City, Japan, has taken his skateboarding passion to new levels by completing standard tricks on separate boards at the same time. 

With each leg on a board, the young skater needs perfect balance, skill and timing to pull off his amazing tricks and flips.

Isamu decided to up his game and use two decks after seeing a friend attempt it but found that it was a lot harder than it looked.  

Isamu said: “It was and still is very difficult.

“If I put my legs on the wrong part of the decks, it’s very hard to do the next tricks. 

“I still have to practice to make it look smooth and natural.”

But practise makes perfect, and Isamu has now become a master of the two deck, pulling off amazing freestyle tricks that look more like fluid choreographed dancing than regular skateboarding.  

Isamu said: “I’m going to try to make new flips, like double flips on each leg at the same time, and so on.  

“Also, I want to do new complicated steps. Smooth and natural like dancing.”