By Kristiana Hall

An intrepid photographer got into a TIGHT spot when he stole his wife’s stockings to help him finally capture a stunning kingfisher dive – after three years.

Alan Mcfadyen, 49, used the hosiery as a prop alongside a submerged camera to get the perfect shot of the bird diving into the water for his dinner.

PIC FROM Alan McFadyen/Caters News

The snapper, from Kirkcudbright, Scotland, had been trying for three years to take the action shots, which he successfully snapped late last month.

And he said the vibrant images, taken in a natural river with only extra fish food added to it, were worth the ‘ear bashing’ he got from other half Suphansa Mcfadyen, 36.

Alan said: “I’ve tried on and off for three years to get good pictures like this, but they have only ever been average at best.

PIC FROM Alan McFadyen/Caters News

“Previously, I had tried to put fish food out to attract the little fish to the spot, but it kept washing away.

“I had a thought and stole a pair of my wife’s tights, put the food inside them and submerged them just out of shot.

“This worked a treat – the little fish picked the food through the tights and kept them in the zone where I wanted the kingfisher to dive.

PIC FROM Alan McFadyen/Caters News

“The camera was placed in a semi-submerged tank and fired with a remote trigger from 50 metres away as I hid in a tent.

“I was over the moon when I got the shots, but did pay with an ear-bashing from the other half when she realised I’d taken her stockings.”