Offbeat Video

By Mikey Jones

This breath-taking footage shows a brave hiker and his journey across the beautiful snowy mountains of Scotland. 

Scott MacLucas-Paton, 49, a firefighter from the Isle of Skye, decided last month to go on an adventurous trip alone to watch the sunrise.

PIC BY Scott MacLucas-Paton / CATERS NEWS

But despite enjoying his solo trip, he has since advised other hikers to go with someone, especially if they are inexperienced.

Scott, who also owns a glamping site, said: “I had planned to hike to the top of the Cuillin Ridge, Isle of Skye, to see the sunrise and left pre-dawn but due to the snow depth and condition of the snow my going was far slower than normal. 

“I reached the summit of Sgurr Sgumain in the morning and walked a small part of the ridge and realised the snow was in very poor condition for climbing but wanted to get a bit of excitement on an exposed pinnacle before heading down the hill to a safer area.

PIC BY Scott MacLucas-Paton / CATERS NEWS

“A lot of people may think it’s a bit dangerous which it can be but with the right gear, crampons and ice axe and experience makes things safer.

“I was solo on this trip which I love as you have to be solely reliant on your own navigation, watch the weather and be confident in your abilities but also be able to make the decision to turn around if it’s not safe, which I did on this occasion.

PIC BY Scott MacLucas-Paton / CATERS NEWS

“I had shared my route with someone reliable and they would call the mountain rescue team with my route and expected time of arrival home in case anything untoward had happened.

“I carried a map, torches, spare warm clothing, hats, gloves mobile phone, spare battery pack, sleeping bag, bivi bag, mountain shelter and crampons and ice axes as well as full waterproof clothing and a helmet. I also carried a small first aid kit.”