Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

A viral trend shows how Vans trainers always end up on their soles, no matter how you throw them.

Bryce McKenney stumbled across the trend when he came home from school one day in Odessa, Texas, and kicked off his shoes.

Noticing they rolled on to their rubber soles, he decided to test it out with some of his other 13 pairs.

In the video viewed more than four million times, one after the other the Vans flip back on to their soles.

Bryce said: “It’s crazy to start a challenge just because of a video I made when I was bored.

“Everyone at school is talking about it and I’m seeing it everywhere and it’s crazy.

“I came home one day and kicked my vans off and they landed.

“I just started throwing all of the shoes and realised they always land.”