Life Video

By Jack Williams

An inspiring one-armed eight-year-old left onlookers in awe recently after hitting not one by two home runs in the opening two games of his little league season.

In the heartwarming footage, young Tommy Morrissey can be seen smashing both pitches with incredible purity before scarpering around the diamond to find home plate.

The back-to-back home runs left father Joe delighted, and he can even be seen on third base, waving Tommy to “Go home!”


Tommy plays for the Cardinals of the Palm Beach Gardens Florida Youth Athletic Association Little League, and his grandstand performances came against the Dodgers, on February 23, and Astros, on February 26.

Joe, from Palm Beach Gardens, said: “Tommy appreciates the attention.

“He focuses on giving 100 percent effort and helping his team.

“He loves when his friends and family attend games and cheer for him.


“Tommy believes with the right attitude and practice, anything is possible.”

Though the videos received a great response on social media, this is not the first time Tommy has received much public attention.

A multi-sport athlete, the youngster grabbed headlines in the past because of his incredible one-armed golfing technique.

In baseball, Joe said, Tommy hopes to continue advancing his skills in the hope of playing at a higher level – with his current batting average among the league leaders: batting .875 with two home runs and six RBIs.

Joe added: “Tommy is a multi-sport athlete excelling at a high level in spite of his physical difference.


“He is aware that his fundamental methods are visually different than everyone else but success comes in many forms.

“Every time Tommy takes the field, he shows his teammates and opponents that all things are possible with the right attitude and that physical differences can be overcome.

“He changes the way people think!”