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By Becca Husselbee

A man has received a £22,500 compensation payout over claims his dentist carried out ‘horrendous’ botched orthodontic work which caused his front teeth to become yellow and twisted.

Oliver Bromley-Davenport, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, claims he made 20 trips to the dentist after the braces he had fitted between September 2014 and June 2015 repeatedly snapped and fell apart, leaving his teeth mispositioned.


Oliver, who hoped the £3,000 braces would give him the perfect smile, claims his teeth were made to look even worse than before and was only able to eat soup for weeks at a time due to the ‘unbearable’ pain.

After a four-year court case, dentist Dr Reesa Moosa, based at Ravat and Ray Dental Care in Bolton, settled with the 31-year-old support worker out of court for the five figure sum, although the dental practice did not admit liability.

Dad-of-two Oliver, who has been left with permanent damage to his teeth, said: “I wanted to have a little bit of work done to straighten my teeth – my front two teeth were slightly bent, but nothing dramatic.


“I originally tried another dentist but they didn’t offer a payment plan, and that’s when I came across Ravat and Ray Dental Care.

“The suggested I tried the Six Month Smile option, a set of clear braces which would straighten the teeth in less time.

“I had no reason to doubt them because unless you have had braces before or know someone who has had them, you don’t know what to expect.

“I had a few initial appointment to take moulds and x-rays of my teeth and then the top set of braces were fitted before the bottom set.

“I thought I had a high pain threshold but it just didn’t seem to settle and the pain would be ongoing for four to five weeks.


“I just thought the pain was normal with the procedure, but it became unbearable.

“Eventually, I told the dentist to take them off but when I came home and showed my mum she was horrified.

“My teeth were yellow and twisted – they looked even worse than before.”

Oliver’s braces were fitted at the end of November 2014, but just three weeks later he returned to the dentist claiming they had become loose before a piece of metal allegedly later became dislodged, cutting into his cheek and causing it to bleed.

By February, 2015, Oliver was also complaining about an emerging gap between his upper front teeth and said over the following months he was in the dentist’s chair another seven times because of the braces.


He also claims he eventually discovered Dr Moosa was not a qualified orthodontist and an NHS website for the practice also described the dentist as having the Bachelor of Dental Surgery Qualification and not the higher award needed to become an orthodontist.

Oliver said: “As time went on and they were trying to move my teeth so much, they were adding more and more bits of metal into my mouth.

“The braces actually ended up being on for around 12 months.

“When they asked me how much longer I would like them on for, I thought ‘shouldn’t you be telling me when they should be removed?’

“Throughout the whole 12 months my teeth were never cleaned properly during each visit when the braces were removed and I was told not to worry about it.”

Following the treatment, in 2015 Oliver got in contact with negligence specialist, the Dental Law Partnership.


The firm said analysis of his dental records suggested the dentist, Dr Moosa, had failed to adequately prepare and fit the braces.

At the start of this year, Oliver received an out of court settlement of £22,500 direct from Dr Moosa, while Ravat and Ray Dental Care did not accept liability.

Oliver said: “I was refunded the money I paid for the work, but I was later told that dentist was not a qualified orthodontist but was able to carry out orthodontic work.

“If I had been told that from the start I wouldn’t have gone ahead with the braces.

“They have caused permanent damage to my teeth, plus damage to the enamel, meaning I will eventually need a replacement veneer on one of my teeth.

“I’m now hoping to use the Invisalign treatment to repair the damage.”


A spokesperson at Ravat and Ray Dental Care said: “The practice was not involved in any court case with the patient and has not paid out any settlement in court.

“The aim of the practice is always to provide the best possible care to all our patients.”

Dr Reesa Moosa said: “I cannot comment on this case because of my duty of confidentiality.”