Video Viral

By Neo Bye

A teen gymnastics coach broke two ribs after accidentally jumping over a trampoline net.

Derrick Therrien was practicing his skills in the back yard of his home Lake Orion, Michigan, when he decided to add some backflips.

Initially controlled, the 15-year-old gets some serious air from his jumps, managing to include some tuck rolls.

Having gained too much momentum, Derrick loses direction only slightly and catches the top of the net, causing him to topple to the ground below.

Derrick said: “It was my first time trying this trick.

“I had two broken and displaced ribs, a black eye and a popped blood vessel in my eye.

“As I went over, I was frightened.

“It really knocked the wind out of me.

“Fortunately, I already had adrenaline in my system from doing the trampoline tricks so it most likely would’ve hurt more if it had not already been there.”