Video Viral

This is the heart stopping moment a woman is hit by a car while cross the road – only to stand straight back up.

Oksana Bityukova was driving through Nizhny Tagil, Russia, when three women crossed the street in front of her.

As one ran across the inside lane, the two others hesitated slightly with the lady in a white a jacket crossing the central lines.

Unable to stop, a car in the right hand lane crashes into her legs, sending her to the tarmac, only for her to get back to her feet and walking off seemingly unhurt.

Oksana said: “I didn’t expect to see this BMW as I had not seen it before.

“I guess the girl didn’t expect to see him either.

“The driver got out of the car and shouted a couple of rude words.

“But the girl had already crossed the road by that time.”