Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

An oblivious beach-goer received a big surprise when an eager dolphin bumped into him while hunting.

Chris Flannagan had no idea that his long-awaited return to sun-drenched Turtle Beach, Florida, would result in him getting up close a personal with an excitable aquatic friend. 

As an avid beach-goer, Chris was excited to get back out and enjoy some rays after having to avoid the beach for months due to ‘Red Tide’, a water-based phenomenon causing the release of harmful toxins to humans and animals.

Heading into the shallows hoping to get some footage of an incredibly rare sight, a school of nearby dolphins, Chris was stunned when a stray one ran across his legs, leaving him swearing.

Chris said: “When I realised what had happened, it made me laugh really hard.

“The dolphins were closer to shore than usual so I thought I’d capture it. 

“I was about four feet off shore so this was extremely uncommon to have them get this close.

“I didn’t see the one dolphin swimming towards me under the water, it surprised me when it popped up right by my feet.

“They are super nice and rarely injure humans.

“It was hunting so was trying to catch some fish that were swimming close to shore.”