By Kristiana Hall

These cheeky marmots gave a photographer a run for his money as they proved they could work it not just in front of the camera but behind it too.

The incredibly cute pictures, captured by German photographer Sven-Erik Arndt, 42, show the critters staging an impromptu photoshoot to capture his good side.

Pic by Sven-Erik Arndt/ARDEA/Caters News

He took the snaps in Grossglockner National Park in Austria, where the marmots can be bribed with carrots – but he still had to gain their trust first.

Sven said: “In the first days there were too many tourists in the area, so the animals were too shy.

Pic by Sven-Erik Arndt/ARDEA/Caters News

“But after some days and some carrots, the marmots came very close to me and my son.

“One marmot was so curious, when we put a piece of a carrot on my camera he climbed up to it and very carefully took the snack.

Pic by Sven-Erik Arndt/ARDEA/Caters News

“Then my son Mats took my camera and the marmot came back and looked in the lens from the other side – it was perfect!”

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