Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto

Forget rock and roll, this talented musician is making rock and biro-ll with insanely fast beats using just pens.

Lennie Simo, 19, from Lawrence, Massachusetts, has created a brand-new drumming style which doesn’t require any costly music gear.

Lennie is capable of making fast and accurate rhythms simply by tapping a on a table and some cups with a pair of pens.

He also uses his own cheeks and tongue to create a wider variety of sounds.

Lennie said: “I started in November 2011 when I was twelve years old. 

“I got the idea from the people around me in my grade since it was a popular thing that everybody started doing suddenly. 

“I’ve auditioned for America’s Got Talent five times.

“If I get on, it’ll mean a lot because it’s my number one goal in life at the moment. 

“I want to perform something unique that’s never been on the show, and make pen tapping a thing that a lot of people know because it’s something that people have no idea what it is.”