Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto

This shocking footage shows the moment a ‘drunk’ driver repeatedly bumped into the car next to his own while trying to get out of a parking lot.

Yesterday afternoon [March 3], Vicci Gibson was shocked to see a man hit her parked vehicle several times in an awkward attempt to get his Volkswagen back on the street, in Dalton Park, Murton, County Durham.

Vicci’s footage shows the man crashing into her BMW before getting out of his car and walking around to seemingly check the distance between the two vehicles.

He then can be seen getting behind the wheel, only to hit Vicci’s car again, leaving a massive scratch down the side and by the front headlight.

Vicci believes the man had already smashed into her car once previously before she came back to it as it was already scratched.

Hairdresser Vicci said: “Before I turned up, he had already hit my car whilst parking it.

“He came after I noticed what he had done.

“I was waiting on security to come, then he came said sorry and just tried to go but hit my car again several times.

“I was very angry, but I had my three-year-old niece with me who was instantly scared, so instead of taking the keys off his hands, I recorded him.”

Vicci has now reported the incident to Durham Police and also complained to the shopping outlet’s security.

She claimed when her car insurance ran a check on the vehicle, it was found to not have tax or an MOT.

Vicci claimed: “He was drunk and I believe he was driving his car illegally.

“I was told his car was untaxed and uninsured.

“He needs to be sorted.”