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Heartwarming footage has captured the moment conservationists save a wild orangutan stranded in the middle of a raging river.

The orangutan was found in the middle of the Gorilla Waterfall in Lesan River, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Members from The Centre for Orangutan Protection, OWT, BKSDA and Nemdoh Nemkay were out on a survey of the protected forest area when they stumbled upon the stranded orangutan.

Not knowing how long it had been in the water the conservationists were determined to get the orangutan back to the safety of trees as quickly as possible.

Visibly exhausted in the fast flowing water near the middle of river, the orangutan can be seen struggling to keep its head above water.

An activist then uses a tree branch to help the orangutan reach the edge of the river, where the flow of the water is considerably less intense.

Once at the edge of the river the orangutan is able to grab branches along the banks and climb to safety.

The Centre for Orangutan Protection is an action group of Indonesian people who campaign to bring an end to the destruction of rainforests and the killing of orangutans.