By Hayley Pugh

Thrill-seeking Brits are snapping up alternative holidays to nuclear disaster zone Chernobyl, extremist Iran, North Korea and even famine stricken Sudan.

Dylan Harris set up Manchester-based, Lupine Travel, to cater for danger tourists who are desperate to explore some of the most hostile destinations in the world.


The company offers a six day holiday to Sudan for £645 per person and the popularity of the holiday has prompted Dylan to put on an extra trip in December, following two sell out tours of the country earlier this year.

Dylan, who organised 50 group tours last year, said he always made sure his clients were completely safe before travelling.


The 38-year-old said: “During the actual tours themselves I am completely certain over the safety of them and there is no worry or concern whatsoever.

“The only time I encounter issues is when I am carrying out research for tours. It takes a long time to properly search our routes and itineraries along with people on the ground to get to a level where it is safe enough to take tourists out there.

Pic from Caters News

“During past research trips I’ve been arrested, thrown in jail, up in court, had my transport ambushed, taken sanctuary in the British Embassy and much more.

“I basically go through all the difficult stuff before I know whether somewhere is safe enough to send clients to or not.

“Afghanistan has been at the top of my list for a while due to the incredible scenery and unique history but at the moment, the areas I’d like to run trips to are too unsafe.

Pic from Caters News

“Attacks there are too indiscriminate and so it will have to wait for a while yet. Likewise with Syria, a country of great historical sites and warm welcoming people but it’s been completely closed off now for five years and no sign of that changing any time soon.

“Business has really increased over the last couple of years. I’ve gone from pretty much running the company by myself to now having multiple staff all over the world.

“It’s certainly our regular clients that have helped this happen.


“We have a huge return rate for clients and this encourages us to search out new destinations for them. The feedback from them spreads around as well as we pick up new clients from that.

“Also though in general I think there’s a huge growing market for people wanting to experience something different from a holiday.”