Animals Video

By Nelson Groom

A koala and horse have proved best friends come in all shapes and sizes – after striking up an unlikely bond on an Aussie farm.

Heart-melting video shows the curious koala strolling casually into the paddock in Coomera, Queensland, before receiving a warm welcoming on Saturday morning [March 2]. 

Despite being dwarfed by his hoofed host, the cuddly creature shows no fear – even planting an affectionate kiss on the sociable steed’s nose. 

Pic by Alma Mendo/Caters News

Babysitter Alma Mendo, 35, feared for the little explorer’s safety when she spotted the horse’s advance but soon realised he was a gentle giant. 

Alma, originally from Mexico but now based in Brisbane, said: “At first I was worried when the horse got close that he might hurt him, but they seemed so friendly.

“At first the horse was definitely thinking ‘who is this little guy in our backyard?’

“But as soon as they came up it was so friendly, the koala even gave him a kiss.”

Pic by Alma Mendo/Caters News

The region’s koala population has recently taken a huge blow due to a Queensland Government bid to relocate the Aussie icon’s habitat to make way for urban developments.

The loss of trees makes the rare encounter all the more remarkable – and Alma was well aware how lucky she was to witness the wildlife Down Under.

Alma said: “I was so lucky I was able to see this.

“This is the true beauty of nature. I still can’t believe how wonderful the wildlife is here!”