Video Viral

By Jack Williams

This is the incredible moment a young boy hung from a 20-foot-high ski lift chair, only to then be caught by a group of fellow skiers. 

The incident took place at Grouse Mountain ski resort last Wednesday [February 27] and was captured on film by author Carolina Prada Akoglu.

As the eight-year-old boy hung from the lift, held by his father, a group of youths took action – catching the youngster in a piece of out-of-bounds netting.

One quick-thinking boy also grabbed some padding, which was placed on the netting to cushion the boy’s fall, and the youngster was apparently unharmed but was taken to hospital as a precaution.

Pic by Caters News

After the incident, the teenagers said they had no idea whether the netting would work. 

Carolina said she hoped her video of the boy will bring joy to people, given the heroics of the boys and the happy ending.

Carolina, the author of ‘Princess in Overalls’, said: “We all yelled and screamed. I was shaking.

“Then the kid let go and they caught him – unharmed by God’s grace and these teens’ fast thinking and action.”