Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe 

This elephant really isn’t a morning person as it chases after a safari jeep.

Safari guide Marius Zeilinga was on a drive with his tracker, Eric, and three guests on February 6 when they stumbled upon the elephant.

The bull was feeding at the side of the road whilst driving in Balule Game Reserve, South Africa, so the group stopped to get a closer look.

With the elephant getting too close for comfort, the guide started driving away before the bull started chasing the jeep to ensure they kept moving along.

Marius said: “The elephant was in musth at the time, so his testosterone level was higher than normal and they get a bit aggressive and unpredictable during that time.

“This type of behaviour is not uncommon when they are in musth but as long as you keep a safe distance there is nothing to worry about.

“It is a great sighting to experience.

“The guests couldn’t stop talking about it.

“For them it was most likely a once in a lifetime experience and something they will always remember.”

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