Animals Video

 By David Aspinall

This elderly dog loves nothing more than enjoying the wind rushing through his furry face while being driven around.

Geriatric pooch Rocky is unable to reach the back-seat window so must settle for pushing his head as close to Micha’s shoulder.

With the front window open, the 18-year-old shuts his eyes and lets the air blow his scraggly white fur all over the place.

Rocky even lifts his chin higher into the air so the breeze can wash all over him as they head back from a forest walk on April 5.

Micha, from Venray, The Netherlands, said: “Seeing Rocky enjoying something so simple as the wind gave me really good vibes.

 “I have been looking after him and another dog called Beau once a week for about a year.

 “We go on walks in a nearby forest but have never seen him do this before.

“Ordinarily he is a very quiet and laid back dog, but he really enjoyed having the window open.

“He carried on for at least five minutes and both he and I were thoroughly enjoying it.”