Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This stunned woman could not believe her eyes after a hilarious video of her playing an eating game ended up going SUPER VIRAL.

Wearing a rotating crown that had forks dangling from it – a game known as a “Chow Crown” – Theresa Patterson swung her head in an attempt to make the flailing treats enter her mouth.

Since the girls’ night more than a month ago, the footage has received more than 34 million views on Facebook – leaving viewers in stitches as Theresa’s amusing swings and head thrusts.

The footage was taken by Theresa’s friend, Christine Newman, on January 20, 2019, in Theresa’s home, in Carrollton, Texas.

Christine said: “Once a month we have a girls’ weekend and get together for food, drinks, games and karaoke.

“I had originally saw this game on Ellen’s show.

“We all had a blast playing this game.

“We kept going through the refrigerator trying to find more foods to put on it.

“We were totally shocked at how many people viewed and shared our video.”