Life Video

By Becca Husselbee

A nine-year-old girl who has walked the runway at London and New York Fashion Week was able to perfect her model poses up and down her street along with the help of her four-legged friend.

Lilly-Ella Redcliffe, from St Helens, Merseyside, was thrilled when she received the news that she had secured three fashion week jobs and was picked up to model for other designers after impressing the crowds.

The youngster, who has been signed up to a modelling agency since she was a baby, was able to practice along her street with the help of her furry friend, Teddy the two-year-old pug, and is now set to walk the runway at Milan Fashion week in February, next year.

Lilly-Ella’s Mum, Emma Redcliffe, a 36-year-old beauty therapist, said: “She modelling a little bit as a baby but when she started school she was very shy and not very confident.


“We saw a poster advertising a drama academy and thought it would be really good for her and so we joined her up.

“She has just blossomed ever since and has now really come out of her shell, they have been so amazing with her.

“She was asked to do a pilot for a TV show and then we saw a casting for London Fashion Week and thought we would give it a go.

“One of the designers, Chrissie Colton, came back to us and said she would like Lilly-Ella to walk in her show and we couldn’t believe it.


“After that, the offers just kept coming.

“She has a really close bond with Teddy and it is so sweet to see them practising up and down the street together.

Lilly-Ella is well on her way to stardom having already graced two of the most famous runways in the fashion world and has now been offered a spot at Milan Fashion week.

After her first appearance in London, the same designer was keen for Lilly-Ella to join her in New York and her parents Emma and Mark, 57, flew their daughter to the big apple for the opportunity back in February, just days after wowing crowds in London.

Despite being in the spotlight, mum Emma says that Lilly-Ella is rarely nervous and has since thrived thanks to the help of her little dog and the support from her drama academy, now mixing with the stars and walking in outfits worth hundreds of pounds.

Emma said: “She just loves fashion and putting outfits together and would love to meet some of her role models such as Gigi Hadid.


“She really has her own sense of style and always knows what works well together.

“She loved the whole experience of going to New York but I think London was her favourite as it was the first time she had ever got to do something like that.”

The school girl now hopes to have a career in the fashion industry with more shows planned such as a charity catwalk in Manchester this May, as well as taking part in productions and choir performances with the Helen O’Grady drama academy as well as the Paparazzi Dance School.

Lilly-Ella, said: “In New York I was a little bit nervous for the first walk as it was at the start of the show, it was very exciting to be part of.

“There are so many photographers, all wanting to takes photos of you.


“I practise with Teddy up and down the street and he really helps with my confidence, sometimes he does pull but he like to let me do my thing as he walks alongside me.

“When I told my friends I was going to New York and London, they were so shocked and were asking loads of questions, calling me to see how I had done.

“I love the different styles and what the designers ask you to wear, they can be clothes you have never seen before.

“When you walk down everyone is cheering you on and it’s amazing.”