Video Viral

By David Aspinall

This dad had a hilariously excited reaction to finding out he has a son after having had five girls in a row.

Anxious Kennedy Zarour sat in with expectant wife Natalie – who was filming her husband’s reaction – while she had a Caesarean section on March 8.

Wearing a surgical mask, the dad-of-six confirms he wants to know the gender of his baby and when a nurse tells him it’s a boy he jumps straight out of his seat and starts shouting.

After screaming at the top of the lungs ‘oh my god, I love it’ and ‘yeah baby, I got a boy’ and giving his wife a kiss, Kennedy is asked to sit down by one of the doctors.

Natalie, from Waldwick, New Jersey, said: “It wasn’t a case of being excited, we were both stunned.

“After five girls, the odds seemed to be against us so we couldn’t help but celebrate.

“We didn’t know what the gender was so I figured I would record in case it was a boy as I wouldn’t want to miss my husband’s reaction.

“It was all worth it and we celebrate all of our children every day.”

Natalie and Kennedy welcomed their new son Gerard into the world six days earlier than expected.

Kennedy has two 20-year-olds, Ariana and Colette, from a previous relationship and the couple have Mia, five, Jolie, three, and Giselle, 18 months.